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Our New iOS Remote Control App is Now Available on App Store

We are proud to announce of our new iGoShow Remote Control App for iOS device is now available on Apple App store.

Supports iPhone4S+, iPad2+.
Check out the How to video

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We're proud to announce of our new version V5.4.3 of iGoShow Back-Office software.
New features:

  • Able to direct connect to iGoShow Digital Box, perform WiFi setup and One-Click-Setup operations.
  • Bundled with iGoShow customized GIMP 2.8.16 GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP can help you to create eye-catching graphic easily.

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Overview of iGoShow Broadcasting Display System

Have you been looking for a way to effectively advertise your business while saving money? If the answer is “Yes”, we have got some good news for you. Our team is incredibly proud to introduce you to our iGoShow Digital Signage Broadcasting Display System.

What is iGoShow?

iGoShow Broadcasting Display System can help you quickly upload your promotional media for display on large screens.

The iGoShow Broadcasting Display System works like your own personal TV station, you can easily and promptly present promotional media contents to your customers however you want as you will.

iGoShow is widelyy used in many types of businesses

  • Restaurants
  • Fashion Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Furniture Stores
  • Real Estate
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Showrooms
  • Convenience Stores
  • Presentation
  • Trade Shows

First impressions of iGoShow Broadcasting Display System

iGoShow YouTube channel at

How 3pcs iGoShow HD Broadcasting Boxes showing at three different screens

Racing at 3 iGoShow Boxes

What Make iGoShow Unique?

Exclusive Remote Control APP for iGoShow

  • One Click Setup
  • Multimedia Upload
  • Direct Presentation
  • Easy to Setup & Control
  • Centralized Monitoring

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(by search keyword “igoshow”)

Exclusive iGoShow Template System with Layers

  • Create eye-catching design with just a few clicks using the iGoShow built-in template system.

Various Display Mode

  • Time
  • Duration
  • Time & duration combination
  • Manual switch

One Click to Broadcast All

  • You can choose to display with either one or many more devices using one central account.

iGoShow Digital Signage Broadcasting Box overview


Compact & Energy Efficient

  • Model: I7009
  • Input: 5V–2A
  • Size: 100x54x13(mm)

Buy Now at Our Online Store

You can get:

  • An iGoShow digital box & all accessories
  • A free life-time iGoShow Back-Office cloud manage account
  • Free iGoShow Back-Office desktop software
  • Free smart phone remote control App
  • Free upgrade for all software and Apps

How Does iGoShow Work?

  • Take pictures/videos and upload direct from your mobile phone or from iGoShow Back-Office software.
  • iGoshow Back-Office comes with bunch of templates help you to create beautiful design easily. You can choose either display in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Schedule your play plans with iGoShow Back-Office software.
  • Monitor each display screen with your mobile phone or iGoShow Back-Office.

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