Frequently used iGoShow Remote Control commands

Enter your command with Remote Control App for iGoShow.

Command Description
igorun:kodi Launch Kodi media center App
igorun:wifi Enter native WIFI setting panel
igorun:proxy/1/2 Setup proxy server. 1 is proxy server address, 2 is the port of the proxy server. For example: igorun:proxy/
igorun:delproxy Remote proxy server
10001 Turn off on screen tutorial video
10002 Turn on screen tutorial video
10009 Check for new version immediately
autoloadon Enable auto download all plans in your account.
autoloadoff Disable auto download all plans, plan is downloaded on demand.
10020 Show download progress bar
10021 Hide download progress bar
igorun:wfd Launch screen projection service
20000 Set the iGoShow Digital Box as master
20001 Set the iGoShow Digital Box is no longer be a master
setmaster:dddddd Bind the master iGoShow Digital Box Device ID to this box (dddddd is the device ID of the master iGoShow Digital Box). Once you set the master Device ID, disconnect your remote control App let the box discovery the master box.
20002 Unbind the master iGoShow Digital Box Device ID from this Box